While volunteering at the International Documentary Film festival in Amsterdam (IDFA), I lost my heart to this film genre. There are so many ways to document a story, and so many ways to make a documentary film. Every subject demands it’s own approach, which makes it even more interesting to find the right way to tell a story.

In 2012, I made four stop motion films about Planning, Monitoring and Evaulation for Simavi, a Dutch NGO.

Every once in a while, I make a one minute film, to capture a moment, an event or a day in my life. Next to that, I also made a few short films. In 2014 I made a music video clip for a song by gHSTS n gUITARS, called Water

At the moment, I’m working on several film projects that are in different stages of the production process.
Christmas in New York – editing phase
Opa Mijn – editing phase
Metromuzikanten (subway musicians) – editing phase
Berlin Bottles – preproduction

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