Living in Amsterdam, means constantly being around tourists; people who visit our city for a day or more. Obviously, the term ‘tourist’ joins all those different people together in one word, and doesn’t do them no justice, for they are all different. They all have their own past, their own values and their own identity.

In this short film, on one hand, you’re introduced by tourist in Amsterdam, doing the obvious and you meet some of them. What does traveling do to them? Does being in a different city make them more aware of who they are? How would they identify themselves towards others? A few characters can show you that everyone has their own story, and it might change your look on tourists in general.



I participated in a 16 mm course at Union Doc, Brooklyn, NYC.
The aim was to make a 16 mm film: shoot with old camera’s, cut and tape the film for editing and then have it processed to digital.

I’ve been fascinated y the Laundromats in the States. Growing up in the Netherlands, I never saw one. So during my stay in New York, I enjoyed doing my laundry, watching the ladies from the Laundromat do the laundry and listening to the conversations of neighbours.
Laundromats are llike churches: people have rituals, they come together and discuss life, the sit still wait, they might even think about their sins.

This is a recording of the projection of the film, that’s why you can hear voices and the sounds of the projector.



14:57 – 17:33

Cinéma vérité film about traveling by train.

Traveling has this timeless feeling: you’ve left your place of origin, and haven’t arrived on your destination. In the meantime, time seems to have stopped. Everything that happens on the way is disconnected from the rest of your life, since it isn’t linked to a place.
But since we’re more and more aware of the fact that ‘it is not the destination that counts, but the journey to get there’, I wanted to focus on how people experience that journey. They seem to be unaware of the importance of enjoying the journey. Or maybe they are aware, but fail to show it?

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